2019 Massey Ferguson WR9970

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The smarter, more powerful way to better hay.

The WR9900 Series Self-Propelled Windrower

Introducing the next leap forward from the company that developed the category: the WR9900 Series. No other windrower helps you produce quality hay faster, more efficiently or more comfortably. New models feature the added power to handle all crop conditions, a brand-new cab for more comfort and greater hydraulic capacity for increased productivity.

Dimensions and Weight
  • Length overall w/out header in. (mm): 199.7 (5,074)
  • Wheelbase in. (mm): 137 (3,482)
  • Height - top of cab in. (mm) (23.1-26 Turf Tires): 137.8 (3,501)
  • Tread width drive tires in. (mm): 130.7 (3,320)
  • Tread width tail wheels min. in. (mm): 84 to 129 in 9" increments (2,135 to 3,277)
  • Weight (approximate) w/out header lbs. (kg): 11,420 (5,180)
Speed (approximate)
  • Field range mph (km/h): 0 to 17.5 (0 to 28)
  • Road range mph (km/h): 0 to 22 (0 to 35)
  • Road range w/RearSteer mph (km/h) (optional): 0 to 24.5 (0 to 39)
  • Model: AGCO Power 7.4 L
  • Rated Horsepower (kW): 235 (175)
  • Boost Horsepower (kW): 250 (186)
  • Displacement cu in. (L): 452 (7.4)
  • Fuel tank capacity US GAL (L): 130 (492)
Ground Drive System
  • Type: Double planetary gear reduction
  • Tandem pump: Sauer Danfoss H1 Axial Piston Pump
  • Motors: Infinitely variable displacement
Flotation System
  • Type: Hydraulic with independent left/right adjustable computer control
  • Drive wheels: 23.1-26 Bias Turf (R3), 23.1-26 Radial Turf (R3), 620/75R26 Radial Bar (R1)
  • Tail wheels: 16.1–16.5 L, 10-ply implement rib
  • Superior Technology: All main operations, including in-cab conditioner roll pressure adjustment, are controlled via a virtual on-board computer terminal for enhanced precision and better control. Available in two different monitors, the C1000 or C2100, with a new user-friendly interface, making it easy to monitor windrower performance and adjust settings to field conditions.
  • A Smarter Windrower: Proprietary software on the WR9900 Series allows a variety of components to communicate electronically and execute many functions automatically. These components include: automatic header speed control, automatic load control, rotary header speed compensation and OptiCruise™ speed control.
  • Auto Header Speed Control: If engine RPMs are pulled down when cutting high-yielding areas in the field or navigating steep terrain, tractor maintains consistent disc header RPM for consistent cutting and conditioning.
  • Exclusive RearSteer™: The industry-exclusive RearSteer option provides windrower steering from the rear axle, improving operator comfort, handling and road transportation. And the 24.5 mph speeds let you move faster without reversing travel direction.
  • Advanced Cooling System: The V-Cool™ system offers greater cooling and fuel efficiencies along with auto-reversing air direction for maintenance-free self-cleaning.
  • Higher Performance Engines: WR9900 Series windrowers feature two different AGCO Power™ Tier 4F engines, both designed specifically to stand up to the rigors of agricultural use. The WR9950 and WR9960 are powered by the AGCO Power 4.9L four-cylinder engine. The WR9970 and WR9980 are powered by the AGCO Power 7.4L six-cylinder engine.
  • Header Flexibility: The WR9900 Series gets new, more capable headers - the 9200 Series disc and auger and 5400 Series draper. Improved capacity and greater control lead to higher productivity while maintaining superior cut and windrow formation. Whether its heavy canola, quality alfalfa or tall grass; you'll have one windrower that can handle it all.
  • More Powerful Hydraulics: Our new hydraulic drives provide increased performance and productivity. The hydraulic drive pump handles additional power from the engine and delivers more flow to the header for increased throughput. Combined with the new tandem hydraulic drive, dual hydraulic hookups provide additional power, functionality and control.
  • New Lighting Package: Features eight front-mounted and two rear-mounted lights, providing operators with greater visibility in low light conditions. LED lights are also optional with even greater visibility.
  • Deluxe Semi-Active Seat: Now standard, offering operators a more robust seat and much smoother ride as it allows the seat to move not only side to side, but forward and backward as well.
  • Roomy and Spacious: The new, larger VisionCab™ offers many additional features to surround you with the ultimate comfort, allowing you to work longer and smarter with less fatigue. The high-visibility, rounded front windshield provides an unobstructed view of all surroundings, including the header. And a sun visor ensures you’re always working in maximum comfort.
  • Oscillating GlideRider™: The suspended rear axle system absorbs the bounce and shock of rough terrain for increased operator comfort.



Engine Manufacturer / Type
AGCO Power 7.4 L
Engine Power
Rated: 235 hp
Fuel Capacity
130 gal. (492 L)


199.7 in. (5074 mm)
Top of Cab: 137.8 in. (3501 mm)
11420 lb. (5180 kg)
137 in. (3482 mm)

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